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Project; Complete stabilization of existing interior stone and lime mortar walls, and installation over the top with 3 coat guaged  lime putty plaster finish. Also exterior re-pointing of existing stone work around Barn, roundhouse and surrounding buildings with hydraulic lime. This was the last project undertaken prior to leaving UK.

Project location: Restoration of 15th century Tithe barn, Higher Ashton, Devon, England

Description; This was one of the best projects I (Ben) was involved in whilst in the Uk. I worked on a crew of 4 plasterers and 2 unlucky labourers....poor guys, lots of mixes !!. The approach to this job was initial prep of existing interior walls. This essentially involved removal and replacement of pointing material, then dubbing coats to level the walls ready to recevive the scratch coat of lime plaster. After this panels of metal lath were stretched between the rafters and purlins in the green oak roof structure to receive a lime plaster skim.( you can see these in the photo ) Next we applied successive coats of the lime putty plaster to the roof and walls. Then finished with a gentle float to bring out the grainy feel of the building. All walls were topped with the lime plaster and Beautiful granite corbels were pointed and dressed to take the huge oak trusses. The exterior work consisted of removal and re-pointing of most of the exisiting masonary units, after which the lime pointing was tamped and finished to reveil the sand aggregate colouring............


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