Lime Plaster | Heritage Restoration | Historic Plaster | Gauged Lime finish

Project; Historic plaster restoration work using traditional historic plaster restoration materials, ready to receive paint or wallpaper. 

Project Location; Historic plaster restoration, Ross Bay Villa 1856 local historic site, Victoria, Vancouver Island, British columbia

Description; This was a great historic plaster restoration project. The Company was tasked to replace and repair areas of existing historic plaster where necessary. We worked closely with local volunteers and The Land Conservancy of British Columbia (T.L.C), to restore this beautiful villa and its historic plaster to its original glory. For this project we chose a feebly hydraulic lime mortar and Lime Putty blend for our historic plaster base coats, with a finer gauged lime putty material which included additives for our historic plaster top coat. With the right additives(all natural) we created a polished, very versatile finish material, identical to the original historic plaster already in the property. The general failure of this particular historic plaster system, was down to the use of incompatible materials in the past like oil based coatings and gypsum based patch repairs. Unfortunately this is an all to common accurence when dealing with historic plasters and mortars, so through education we hope to spread awareness of not just the benefits of these historic plasters and mortars, but also teach a few easy steps on how to preserve historic plaster and maintain its unique charms.

Another interesting thing to mention about these historic plasters is that in essence they are also a Green and Sustainable material, coming from one of the most common minerals on the planet...limestone. This association between our historic plasters and mortars of old and the plasters and stuccos we should be using today, shows that the answers we need to move forward to a better future, are already in our past.