Lime Stucco | Sustainable | Lime Cob Stucco

Project; Exterior textured lime plaster finish coat.

Project location; North America’s 1st code approved loadbearing Cob House, The highlands area, Vancouver Island, British columbia.

Description; This project was very unique in the sense that the clients did not in reality hire me(Ben) to do the work but more to lend a hand. Ann and Gord baird are a very capable couple and when they asked me for a little trowel help and some advice with the application of lime plaster on their new Cob house, I jumped at the chance. The installation was applying a non-hydraulic lime based plaster over an Earthern/Cob substrate, with varying angles dips and curves to negotiate. The great thing also abut this project was that as Ann and Gord were learning from me, I in turn ended up learning a great deal from them. To view more about these guys and the very cool things they have achieved click on this link Eco-sense and some tech spec's on their project Eco-sense spec's