Lime Plaster | Heritage Restoration | Historic Plaster | Rough Float Gauged Lime finish

Project;  To install traditional three coat lime plaster over wood lath.

Project location; New building at Joseph Schneider Haus (National Historic Site) Kitchener, Ontario

Description; Its not often that we get the chance to apply traditional three coat plaster over wood lath to an entire building but this was one of those satisfying moments. We were asked to install a three coat lime plaster system with a finish condusive to the building and its date. The application was great, working around old hewn wood joists and mortared stone work just like back in the old days. After we had set our historic plaster key coat and historic plaster leveling coat, we used some fine graded sands, some lime putty and a little gauging plaster to give a nice slightly rough historic plaster float coat. Once all this had set up, we applied two layers of limewash to the surface to give a little more protection and also that authentic look. Lovely job!