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Recent American Clay Plaster Custom projects


Project; The application of American clay over new or existing substrates. These fantastically versatile American clay plasters are ideal wall coverings for any part of your living or working space. The finish of the American Clay can be super smooth or heavily textured depending on your unique style and taste. "Having worked on many various construction projects over the years with many different plasters, I (Ben)  find these American Clay plasters one of the best natural decorative options on the market today".

American Clay Projects in Canada; Check our galleries to see just a few American Clay projects undertaken by The Lime Plaster Company in Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec. Theres more to come! 

Description;  These american clay plaster projects, mostly from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), have been great in many ways, working with various clients using the American Clay to create the exact feel and finishes they were looking for. From tricky ceiling detailing to coating cornices and 3 colour blending, the crew at The Lime Plaster Company has certainly had their share of creative problem solving. These American clay plaster systems really give the plasterer a feel of absoloute creativity and an ability to give the clients a very personal touch.......


What American Clay applications are available in Canada? 

Loma is American Clay's Original Earth Plaster.  Loma, meaning "earth" in Spanish, is made with reclaimed marble, sand, and multiple clays. American Clay's patented formula offers a remarkable breadth of surface possibilities and is also the basecoat for our other plasters (Marrittimo and Porcelina - which are detailed below). For more information of our recent American Clay Loma projects in Canada, please review our American Clay Plaster Loma project Gallery.

Porcelina is often compared to the Venetian plasters of Italy.  Porcelina is truly closest to the quality of "porcelain" ceramics for which it was named, Porcelina is American Clay's most frequent finish for formal interiors. For more information of our recent American Clay Porcelina projects in Canada, please review our American Clay Porcelina project Gallery.

Marittimo is named after the "mar" (or "sea").  Maritimo uses recycled, crushed shell aggregate. This American Clay Plaster top coat brings luminescence to the wall and is brought to life by burnishing and light sponging, revealing the shimmer of the shells.For more information of our recent American Clay Maritimo projects in Canada, please review our American Clay Maritimo project Gallery.

Enjarre is American Clay's single coat system.   Enjarre brings a new dimension to the application of American Clay Plasters.  It was created to offer affordability for large commercial and residential projects. Enjarre is a great option for homeowners who wish to start with a single coat of color plaster and later upgrade with a second coat of American Clay's other earth plasters.For more information of our recent American Clay Enjarre project in Toronto, please review our Enjarre project Gallery.

For our ongoing American Clay projects in Canada, please review our Lime Plaster blog section or our facebook page.

There are several different American clay systems to choose from, depending on the requirements of the client and the project. For example for chemically sensitive clients there are a few 'all natural' options as to which binders to use or bonding agents to use, plus the use of all natural hardeners to make the whole American Clay installation 100% zero VOC. If the project is a commercial space and the abbrasive resistance of the American Clay needs to be high, then there is a line of low VOC hardeners that give the plaster a truly durable finish. 

American clay offers a range of 110 natural colours along with 8 premix american clay plaster options. The colours are a blend of natural pigments of ochre, sienna and umber which combined with the American Clay to offer a unique colour selection. In addition, custom colours are easily achieved by matching any of your favourite paint chips with American Clay's custom colour matching option. The colour combinations are endless as multiple colours can be mixed and combined on the wall for a completely unique finish! To view some of these colour options please go to .