A few members of 'The Lime Plaster Company' team


Ben | Plain face plasterer | Heritage plasterer

The founder of 'The Lime Plaster Company' Heritage plasterer Benjamin Scott was born and raised in Southern England. He began his heritage plastering career in beautiful Chagford, Devon, through an on-site building apprenticeship,learning everything from traditional brick ,block and stone work to laying floors and constructing roof’s. He quickly turned his attention to the heritage plastering aspect of the work, where he began to specialize in the use of pure lime and hydraulic lime heritage plasters, stucco's and mortars. 

Now with over fifteen years of Heritage Plaster and heritage Mortar construction experience behind him using many different types of traditional materials including both hydraulic and non hydraulic limes, Gypsum and Clay's, Ben has brought his skills to Canada and since has focused on expanding his successful heritage plastering business through application and education. 

Whilst in Europe Ben's projects ranged from old traditional long houses, barns, and cottages to new builds and more modern installations. Since arriving here 'The Lime Plaster Company' has been involved in many different projects. These include the restoration of local historic buildings, 4 Canadian national historic sites and several Sustainable building projects, to name but a few.......

James | Ornamental plasterer | Plain face plasterer | Heritage plasterer

James was born in Northern Ireland and started an apprenticeship as a plasterer, working alongside his uncle in the family plastering business.  Serving an apprenticeship over 5 years he learned general plastering duties and preparation work, working in both new builds and restoration work, including the repair of damp affected lime and cement based renders and plasters. The family business specialized in cornice work, (run in situ mainly) in which James gained a great deal of experience and also in exterior work which included straps, bands, coins, bases, plinths, slap dashing, scudding and scratching.

Now having 18+ years of experience in all aspects of plastering, we are very excited that James and his family have decided to immigrate to Canada and join us at 'The Lime Plaster Co.' in educating and maintaining the plastering traditions of the past. "I was fortunate to come across this opportunity to join The Lime Plaster Company and I am delighted to join Ben in carrying out heritage work and new build sustainable developments across Canada", says James. 

A massive welcome to Canada to you and your family James, we're excited to have you on the team!

Paula | Clay and Lime Plasterer | Artistic Finish

Originally from Brazil Paula brings an artistic flare to the team, with a 15 year background in decorative plastering and painting. Paula has a great attention to detail and those all  important finishing touches. She has also worked in the drywall industry for a number of years and has a valuable knowledge on substrates, repairs and remediation when necessary. Paula has combined her passions and experience by focusing on sustainability and a natural approach to plastering systems, and has worked on sustainable projects both here and in British Columbia.....

Scott | Clay and Lime Plasterer 

Scott is one of the younger members of the team at 23. He is  full of energy and eagerness to learn and has impressed the company with his approach and attitude to the job. Scott  has a great interest in sustainability and the future of green/sustainable building materials. An electrician by trade he made his way over to Canada from australia and on arrival decided to try his hand at something new. He has worked on numerous Lime installations with the company now, and has become  the backbone of the team . Taking charge of mxing, deployment of materials around site, scaffold erecting,problem solving and more. He has even been known to crack a joke or two......


The Lime Plaster Company is also a member of the Building Limes Forum, a charitable organisation which works internationally to promote research and education and to encourage expertise and understanding in the use of building limes.